Welcome to a New Space Noir Adventure...

NetSpaceSaga tells the story of unlikely heroes becoming saviours of the Solar System.

A Turn-Based Battle Game like Old School Classics!

70+ Enemies to battle.
10+ Bosses.
40+ Leves to explore.
10+ Hours of Gameplay
4+ Hours of Side-Quests.
Chips that grant special abilities.
3 Characters per Battle.
30+ Weapons.
Spells, armor and many, many different abilities.

An utterly irreverent story!

Music score by the incredible Krundas! 

A band that lives in the very Asteroid Cities (and you get to meet them).

I Am Fearless (by The Krundas)

Dancing Cumbia (by The Krundas)

Nameless Kyrie (by The Krundas)