Welcome to a New Space Noir Adventure...

NetSpaceSaga tells the story of unlikely heroes becoming saviours of the Solar System.

A Turn-Based Battle Game like Old School Classics!

When the crew of the Black Coffee Class C Transport ship finds themselves with no cash and no fuel,
they have to ask for work from an old, unpleasant acquaintance, which unchains a series of events
that will change the fate of the Solar System, making them unlikely heroes.
Fight your way against aliens, zombies, robots, androids, AI's, sicarios, and more while meeting
hundreds of characters in the Asteroid Cities, vInternet (a Virtual Internet that has gone mad), and
Deep Space. Rescue three girls in danger and learn Satan's true name, while uncovering a terrible

An utterly irreverent story!

A Turn-Based Battle Game like Old School Classics!

Features of Episode 1:

A modern take on classic gameplay!
Turn-based Battle with Point N' Click elements, just like the JRPG gems of the past!
An irreverent story with characters you will never forget!
Save anywhere!
More than 70 unique enemies!
Meet hundreds of characters!
10 or more hours of gameplay!
4 or more hours of hilarious side quests!
A dark, cyberpunk soundtrack by The Krundas!
More than 40 levels!
You can connect to vInternet anytime and explore!
Use Chips to learn new abilities!
Episodic story!

Music score by the incredible Krundas! 

A band that lives in the very Asteroid Cities (and you get to meet them).

I Am Fearless (by The Krundas)

Dancing Cumbia (by The Krundas)

Nameless Kyrie (by The Krundas)


NetSpace Saga is supposed to be played by anyone (over 18 years old). So it's not expensive. If you would like to support us and our work, you can always...

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